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VIP Pharmacy

VIP Pharmacy Management System

Key Features:

  • Claims processing over the internet in 4 to 6 seconds
  • Total drug file with over 1000,000 drugs with weekly updates
  • Multiple Refills
  • Up to 20 prescriptions can be filled and displayed one at a time
  • Complete system conversions from many systems performed overnight

**See documentation for complete listing of features and specifications.

VIP Pharmacy Management was developed in 1985 by registered pharmacists and systems analysts. Working with VIP Computers Systems, our 30 years of combined experience in creating pharmacy software has resulted in the most comprehensive, easy-to-use pharmacy management system available today.

VIP Computer Systems is a member of the American Pharmacy Alliance, with over 10,000 retail pharmacies in the US.

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Services & Supplies

Pharmacy Services & Supplies That Reduce Downtime

Because your customers' health is on the line, so is our skilled support staff - ready to respond quickly to your needs. Whether it's a question about a procedure, a new insurance plan, processing a third party claim or a labeling issue, we're available by telephone or on-site. Our software support plan includes weekly updates to your software, drug files and a weekly newsletter.

We sell, install and service pharmacy computer hardware and provide fast, on-site repair or replacement. We also sell the supplies you'll need, from toner to labels.

Data Conversion

Data Conversion that's fast and accurate, so you're up and running

You already have an extensive data base of patient and physician information. You shouldn't have to hassle with re-entering all that data when setting up a new system. So we offer data conversion that makes the transition easy and fast-enabling you to have your data keyed in and ready to go, so you can immediately use your new VIP Pharmacy software. In most cases we can do the conversion overnight. We'll even do a test run a week before your new system is installed so you can be sure that everything is working and ready to access.

If you have outdated files that you do not want re-entered, you have the option of editing your information before sending it to us for conversion, so your files are completely updated on your new system.


eSig - Easy Access. Easy on you.

eSig! is a completely integrated HIPPAA signature solution for your pharmacy and VIP Pharmacy software.

  • eSig! makes creation of an electronic third party log automatic. Reports can be generated by insurance plan to meet the audit needs of participating third party payers.
  • The Notice of Privacy Policy Acceptance can be documented by the customer's signature stored electronically.
  • Makes it easy to capture and track signatures for prescriptions and counseling.
  • With eSig! the pharmacy has an easy way to record the customer's preference for Safety Caps.
  • Information valuable to the pharmacy that has never been available in the past is now easy to access. Customers who have picked up prescriptions without signing can be easily identified. Scripts that have been picked up without signing the Notice of Privacy Policy Acceptance can be identified. And a report can also list scripts filled but not picked up.
  • e-Sig can even be customized to each pharmacy, allowing your signature pad to display what you wish.



The POS software is fully integrated with the VIP dispensing software and accounts receivable software. The POS workstation is the same hardware as all other remote screens with the exception of the receipt printer and cash drawer.

  • Open and close the registers multiple times daily
  • Established 20 OTC sales categories and track sales for each category
  • Automatically price prescriptions and relieve them from the pick-up file
  • Automatically bill third party prices on prescriptions
  • Enter payments on accounts
  • Void tickets
  • Permanent detailed history of all entries with date and time stamp
  • Completely integrates with eSig! electronic signature capture module


Interactive Voice Response

IVR helps you control workflow, giving your customers the best service and increase productivity. Our IVR system will allow you to:

  • Give customers the option of leaving refill orders during the business day or after hours without having to wait for a pharmacist. They can leave a message about their order in a voice mailbox for special situations.
  • Offer automated notification of when their order will be ready.
  • Give physicians the capability to leave prescription and patient information without having to wait for a pharmacist.
  • Quickly route a caller to a pharmacist or other store personnel.
  • Fill prescriptions without having to leave your workstation.
  • Fax refill requests to doctors.
  • List store hours, vacation schedules, driving directions, etc.

Pre & Post Editing

Pre & Post Editing

This application can have significant cost savings benefits for a retail pharmacy - increasing your third party reimbursement rates by monitoring each claim as it is sent for payment. You have the ability to view your increased revenue for any time period over the internet with real time reporting.

The following edits are available:

  • Acquisition Edit - Examines claim responses and identifies claims that have been approved for payment below your defined acquisition cost.
  • AWP Edit - Ensures that the most up-to-date pricing is submitted for AWP claims
  • DAW Edit - Examines claims and analyzes the drug submitted to determine generic availability and proper use of DAW codes
  • DEA Edit - Verifies that an appropriate DEA number is submitted and validates the submitted DEA number against the most up-to-date DEA file available
  • Outdated NDC Edit - Examines claims and checks the drug submitted the verify the latest NDC is used
  • Reimbursement Edit - Examines claim responses and identifies claims that have been approved for significantly reduced reimbursement compared to the amount submitted
  • Usual & Customary Edit - Examines claim responses and identifies claims that have been approved for payment that matched the submitted U&C


Interfaces that save you Time and Manpower

Reduce the manual labor that can consume your and your employees valuable time, with automated systems that handle everything from labeling to filling prescriptions. VIP currently has interfaces and users of:

  • Parata Systems Robot
  • ScriptPro Robot
  • Baker Cell Prescription Automation